Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Brooches are totally one of my things. They are such an easy, cheap, cool way of conveying personality through style. I have a small collection of brooches and badges, and here is a selection of them!


I think I have had this tiny peacock brooch since I was little. I assume it was my mother's, but it has always sat in my jewellery box, waiting for me to grow into it. Like a lot of my mum's old stuff, I used to think it was daggy, but Past Jess had no style!


The moustachioed dinosaur is from my friend Kaari, for my last birthday. It's from Etsy and it's made of felt and it's awesome and suave and adorable.

I can't even remember where I got the amber-stone brooch, but I never wear it because it's too fancy. It's like something I would wear if I were invited to some posh award ceremony. But I love the design anyway.


These badges were from Smiggle, I think, back when they first opened. I bought a bunch of them, but the "this badge is intentionally blank" one was the best of the lot. So witty and ironic! Like me!


Okay, some of these photos were actually taken on different days, I just wear collared shirts all the time. Anyhow, the polar bear brooch is from A Skulk of Foxes and it's my favourite, I wear it all the time with everything. The space invader one is also from Smiggle, I believe.

So there you have it! I want to expand my collection and I'm looking for more animal-themed badges. I'm thinking a sloth, because sloths are the shit.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, that week went by fast. Now that uni is in full swing I hopefully will have plenty of time to blog during my procrastination sessions. This week I started my third job, ate too many burgers (probably) and dressed up as Professor Trelawney for a Harry Potter costume party. I don't have any pictures, because I was intimidated by all the people with SLR's, so maybe I will get back in costume and take a couple to blog.

photo(1)photo 1

I bought new shoes today on sale for $25! There is a certain euphoria that can only be felt when shopping bargains and I am high on it right now.

The burgers at the Town Hall Hotel Balmain are the best. I think I have posted a picture of them before on this blog, though. But here's another, with onion rings!

photo 4photo 2

I really like the cover of this budgeting book, the illustrations are so precious! Drawing all your purchases would be such a fun way to budget, although I think I would get bored of drawing chewing gum and Starbuck's frappucino's.

I committed myself to drawing pictures for a couple of my friends, but I hate everything I draw. This draft is for Jess, who requested a French mouse.

photo 5

I laughed internally (for fear of looking like a lunatic) and took a secret picture when I saw this tissue box cover for sale that bears (punny!) a resemblance to Pedobear. Get it, get it, tissues? Well, I thought it was funny anyway.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I think I may be overextending myself. If I get a job that I'm interviewing for tomorrow, I will have three part-time jobs, as well as full-time uni. Oh, and I just started volunteering for the Women's Plans Foundation, a great Australian charity that raises funds to support women's family planning in developing countries. I'm working on their social media outlets, so 'like' the page, please! I don't know how to segue from that into the blog post content.


My rich friend Steph and I! Her house is made of solid gold and her skirt is from Marc Jacobs.


So this might as well be Brigitta's style blog, since I keep posting pictures of her. I think we are getting slightly better at posing, although I have a pained look on my face which was the result of trying to look serious while posing against a wall in the middle of the night.

photo 2(1) photo 1(1)

I bought some awesome Kikkerland skull-shaped shot glasses! I want to make Alien Brain Hemorrhage's in them, but they also make cool tealight candle holders. They join my skull printed mouse pad, so there is a slight death motif in my room now.