Saturday, April 28, 2012


UntitledI know right, could I get any more witty with the "chipster" puns? I think not.

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I'm trying to up the reading. Thanks to my literature class, I have developed an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy and now I must read ALL the books. A magazine here and there won't hurt, especially if it's frankie. Never Let Me Go is fantastic so far, but I've had to put it down so I can actually finish my course readings.&&&& I found this Persuasion Penguin Classics mug at Typo for only $5!! Persuasion is my most favouritist Austen, so this was very exciting for me. Seen here poised upon my favourite Penguin Classics.

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*sigh* Unfortunately, this has been my life for the past week. Typing up essays and re-reading Ivan Illyich about 10 times. Left is my current desktop which I think accurately reflects my current moodiness.
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Left: Cocktail from a couple of weeks ago, when Rob and I had dinner at Spice I Am in Balmain. It was pretty and foamy and delicious. Right: Heart-shaped eggs for breakfast today! With tomatoes and mushrooms (I have a heart-shaped egg poacher).

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Left: Yaay! It's almost coat season again. Err-body lookin' good in coats, yo.
Right: My outfit inspiration for the past year or so, clipped up on my mirror. I dream about this lady sometimes - I want to be her.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Does everyone keep their old children's books, or is that just me? I still love all of my picture books and every few years I like to go through them and just let myself drown in a wave of nostalgia. I've always wanted to do this DIY project and decorate my room with my favourite illustrations and now I've finally mustered up the energy to do another of my patented (So Easy It Shouldn't Even Count As) DIY Projects!


First, find a page from a book that you really like. I chose this page from a Princess & The Pea book that I have, because I really like the detail and all the different fabric patterns.


Get a frame around the same size as your torn/cut out page (or vice versa, if you already have a frame). I bought this cheapo one from Ikea, the haven of cheap household shit.


If your picture is too big, cut it down to size. Alternatively, if it's too small, you can overlay some card or paper to make it fit into your frame.


Then put it all together and let the whimsical times begin! Don't forget to display it next to your lewd lamp (penis switch, tee hee) for extra juxtaposition.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I've cleaned my room, organised my bookmarks, updated my iphone apps, budgeted my budget(?) and now it's time to get back into blogging. The reason I've been MIA lately is that my life is boring and I lack motivation like a mofo. Also, I forget to take photos and nobody visits a blog without photos (bloody short attention spans in the age of the internet).

Anyway, since the only thing I've really done lately is organise my bookmarks, here are a bunch of things that I liked enough to save.

I am pretty sure Kelly from The Glamourai has my dream kitchen. Look at all that silver and white! Although, it must be a pain to clean those white counters, I think mine would be covered in stains and grease in a week.
I suspect these Uniqlo Fair Isle shorts would look fucking stupid on me (so I guess it's a good thing they're sold out), but I saw a picture of Lucia from ladylessons rocking the shit out of them and my sheep sensibilities decided that I want them.
Bleeeghhhh, I want these Luyesa Designs white Stop Hand bookends so badly. I saw them at typo months or maybe years ago but I didn't have any money and then they were gone and now I can only obsessively and constantly search typo stores for them in the hope that they get restocked.

Look at this freakin' majestic-looking lamp from Hart & Heim (and that majestic price)! I don't think I will ever get over that childhood girlish obsession with horses.

Magnetic flower pots?!!

I need some giant hanging cloud lights in my home. I also need to live in a giant Regency-era manor (I don't think that's what's pictured, but regardless). Kenneth Cobonpue for Hive.

I don't really get the appeal of iPads, they are just low-functioning computers, or giant smart phones. What I do get is iPad accessories, which are always stylish and cool and almost sort of make me consider getting an iPad or equivalent. These one's from typo and etsy.

Also is my new most favourite internet comic, and I like a lot of internet comics.

Also also, this: