Monday, October 29, 2012


Despite the current state of my room, I like to imagine that my future home will be beautiful and clean and airy. The other day, my friend Kaari and I went to this store in Newtown called Octopus Designs, and she introduced me to the joys of overpriced scented candles. There was this especially amazing-smelling one called Bora Bora, which totally lived up to its name, conjuring up images of island resorts and empty beaches. I could definitely imagine having a bunch of those candles in my dream bathroom, which would be white and light-filled, with blue, black and natural accents. 


My dream apartment will obviously be fully stocked with all the necessary amenities, including the fluffiest of towels, pretty soaps and lotions, and bathroom reading material. 


I would suggest that this is everyone's dream shower. I love the window, the spaciousness, the blue brick-style tiling. 

blue and white

blue bathroom

Images from my Pinterest
bathroom accessories

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chipster Update


Clockwise from the top left:
1. There was the most beautiful sunset last week, all pink and purple and orange.
2. & 3. Sparkly nail polish! I have a mini collection of them. A note - it is really really hard to remove glitter from your nails!
4. Neon yellow nails. I wore this colour for about two weeks, which is a record for me.
5. Orange toes.
6. Totoro plushy. Sitting atop my Penguin Classics, next to my Rubik's cube. It's Chipster overload.
7. Cheerleader and sorority girls.
8. Rob had some eye thing and had to wear an eye patch. I think he will appreciate me putting this on the internet.

I like to draw

I sketch a lot. Sometimes I get bored in lectures, watching television, or on the toilet, and so I like to sketch. One of the main reasons I got the Samsung Galaxy Note is that it comes with a stylus and I can now draw whenever I like, on the go. My favourite drawing app is SketchBook Pro - it has a pretty amazing toolkit and you can do layers and stuff. Here are some drawings I've done on my phone recently.
I drew my new header image in a similar style to the old one, with some of my favourite Chipster-y things floating around. I can't draw hands.

This was me playing around with the tools on Sketchbook Pro. More Chipster-y things! I like the way those macarons turned out.

I drew this today after seeing these two girls in one of my tutorials at uni. They were so matching, one wearing a stripey black and white dress and the other in black and white polka dots. I love stripes and polka dots AND an achromatic palette, so I found them very aesthetically pleasing. In a non-creepy way. Okay, a little creepy, since I was staring at them and drawing them. As you can see, I can't draw feet either.