Thursday, October 25, 2012

I like to draw

I sketch a lot. Sometimes I get bored in lectures, watching television, or on the toilet, and so I like to sketch. One of the main reasons I got the Samsung Galaxy Note is that it comes with a stylus and I can now draw whenever I like, on the go. My favourite drawing app is SketchBook Pro - it has a pretty amazing toolkit and you can do layers and stuff. Here are some drawings I've done on my phone recently.
I drew my new header image in a similar style to the old one, with some of my favourite Chipster-y things floating around. I can't draw hands.

This was me playing around with the tools on Sketchbook Pro. More Chipster-y things! I like the way those macarons turned out.

I drew this today after seeing these two girls in one of my tutorials at uni. They were so matching, one wearing a stripey black and white dress and the other in black and white polka dots. I love stripes and polka dots AND an achromatic palette, so I found them very aesthetically pleasing. In a non-creepy way. Okay, a little creepy, since I was staring at them and drawing them. As you can see, I can't draw feet either.

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