Monday, October 29, 2012


Despite the current state of my room, I like to imagine that my future home will be beautiful and clean and airy. The other day, my friend Kaari and I went to this store in Newtown called Octopus Designs, and she introduced me to the joys of overpriced scented candles. There was this especially amazing-smelling one called Bora Bora, which totally lived up to its name, conjuring up images of island resorts and empty beaches. I could definitely imagine having a bunch of those candles in my dream bathroom, which would be white and light-filled, with blue, black and natural accents. 


My dream apartment will obviously be fully stocked with all the necessary amenities, including the fluffiest of towels, pretty soaps and lotions, and bathroom reading material. 


I would suggest that this is everyone's dream shower. I love the window, the spaciousness, the blue brick-style tiling. 

blue and white

blue bathroom

Images from my Pinterest
bathroom accessories


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