Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome to this week's issue of Chipster Style™ (this is my way of covering up for the fact that I have nothing substantial to blog about, except a boring outfit post). In this weekly/fortnightly/monthly/maybe just one-off segment, I look at the Chipster in their natural environment - an outfit post for a fashion blog.


Chipster bloggers naturally gravitate towards good photo backdrop opportunities like brick buildings, overgrown fields and plain white walls.


Chipsters also love translucent curtains that provide just the right amount of backlighting.

To recreate this Chipster look, you will need:
1 x old black cardigan stolen from mother's wardrobe, which can incorrectly be attributed as "vintage"
1 x white collared shirt with decorative element (DIY it with an old shirt and some sharpies!)
1 x high-waisted black shorts, don't tell anyone they are from Supre, because that place is fucking skanky
1 x quirky brooch from markets. Mine is from A Skulk of Foxes (which is actually pretty cool in a non-sarcastic way, so check them out)

And so now all you aspiring Chipsters can recreate this look at home. You're welcome.


  1. I adore the collared shirt and brooch, such a cool combination <3

  2. omg i LOVE your blog name! your insanely cute too - love the diy shirt!

  3. cute!!!


  4. wow, love that back-lit photo. are you using an ordinary digicam or a dslr? i'm always having trouble getting the right amount of exposure when taking back-lit photos ):

    ♥ valour & lace