Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is Brigs and I doing our best fashion-blogger outfit-post poses. If we look awkward, that's because we are awkward.

P1290576 P1290584
Here is where I am supposed to describe what I am wearing and where I got each item from, but I fear that would be pointless with this outfit, since you won't be able to go out and buy anything I am wearing. I am that unique.

P1290569 P1290578
I don't know exactly what Brigs is wearing, but I think her mum made that shirt, and at least one thing is probably from Urban Outfitters.


My manicure! I'm liking this triangle thing.


Brigs' necklace is also a clock! And her skirt is also shorts! So versatile.

So that was my outfit post. I don't know how you fashion bloggers do it, because I wore almost the exact same thing the day before and the day after these pictures were taken. Sometimes I wear the same outfit for a whole week. Sometimes I don't wash my hair for a week as well. I am kind of disgusting.


  1. Hehe I am kind of disgusting too! It's good for your hair to not wash it! I love your wee illustration so much btw! So cute :) x

  2. Ahah, I just loved this post! :D
    I really like your unique skirt!

  3. haha love your comment on being so unique that we can't purchase your clothes! your blog is great, really authentic i'm now following you! x