Monday, January 16, 2012


Everyone has at least one item in their wardrobe which they love so much that it's falling apart. I have at three of these items, which I wear nearly every day.

photo 1photo 2

When I say I am not much of a bag person, I am not kidding. I wear this bag printed with human hearts, that I got from Dangerfield at least two years ago for all occasions. To the office (where it looks extremely out of place amongst the briefcases, laptop bags and LV monogrammed status-symbol monstrosities), to uni and to parties, bars, the beach - EVERYWHERE. It gets so much use that the print is rubbing off; there are stains all over it; I have sewn the lining back together twice already; and the strap came apart just two days ago so I have a giant safety pin to keep it attached (it's kind of grunge right?). I really want a new one, but I haven't seen it, or anything similar, anywhere affordable.

photo 3 photo(4)

I bought these shoes online at The Horse. I have another pair of shoes from them, brown boots, but they are not as comfortable as these. These smell like leather and make my feet/socks smell like leather. They are dirty and scuffed and starting to fall apart. I used to wear them every day, but I began to worry about their health, so now they are more of a sometimes shoe and I wear cheap loafers every other day.

photo 5photo(3)

This is the watch I actually wear every single fucking day. My best friend bought it for me (two years ago maybe? And it hasn't needed a battery change yet!) and it makes me so incredibly nostalgic for childhood. It makes beeping sounds when you press the buttons. In the morning, I automatically put it on and if I ever forget, I spend the day checking my bare wrist over and over. Maybe I should get these for those days. I can't even own any other kind of watch, I have to have a digital one because I can't read the time quickly. Like those watches without numbers or with notches that mark where the numbers should be? I cannot read those, I can only make estimates.

Do you guys have items that you wear every day, helping you to cocoon yourself in a comfortable sartorial routine? I pretty much build all my outfits from these items, which is probably why everything I own is black/goes with black.


  1. I have a Dangerfield heart-print bag that I use every day, it is delightful and I want to squeeeeze it. I like your human heart bag! I haven't ever seen a print like that. Badaaaasss.

  2. I love those shoes and actually I like wearing scuffed ones, new ones just look.. too new! Anyways thanks for your comment ;) I was standing on a flat roof of some kind of water reservoir building really weird haha.


  3. I have a pair of purple satin converse that I have had since I was 16. They have been spilled, puked, chewed and stepped these shoes have seen it all. They have holes in them and my feet get wet when it rains, but I can't seem to let them go! Have you tried looking on Etsy for anything similar?

    1. Purple satin converse? That is amaze-balls.

  4. Great pieces and fantastic style. love it.

  5. Those watches are nostalgic for me too. My grandpa used to wear one all the time :) Also, to answer your question about that sweetheart blouse that I altered, all I did was cut and hem the sleeves :) There used to be these atrocious 3/4 bell sleeves on that piece (wtf?), a few snips and stitches and it was good to go!

  6. Hehe i love that i'm not the only one who wears bags and shoes until they fall apart! I really like that bag (cool print!) and those boots too :D

  7. I love the print of the bag! I'm trying, but I can't really think of something I wear every single day like that - probably because I only started to buy clothes and accessories a lot last year, after starting uni and not having to wear a uniform anymore.

  8. Wow! Interesting bag! I'm not sure if I like it... I can't decide Haha! That watch is awesome though!

    x Aliya