Sunday, January 15, 2012


So, this is the first blogging opportunity I have had in a week, life is busy. First of all, I love all the comments my last post received (even though it was super banal)! I don't care if it's shameless blog-promotion, or people returning comments as a courtesy, it's so satisfying and ego-boosting to know that people are reading my ramblings.

I'm working two jobs, so I thought I would share a couple pictures from one of them. Sometimes I don't appreciate what a beautiful view I get every single day. People pay good money for this view.

photo 1

photo 2

Also, I'm doing Summer school at uni right now which sucks. I met the most privileged girl in the world on my second day. She was complaining about an amazing job at a large finance company in Sydney that she has lined up. The opportunity came up because the company director is her parents' friend and he literally begged her to work there. She got the job over other genuine applicants and the way she was talking about it, so unaware of her own privilege and derisive of the position and the other applicants made me so angry! Naturally, most of this anger arises from jealousy.

That's enough ranting. Here is a shirt I had made for my boyfriend, which was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but it arrived super late. He LOVES Fresh Prince.

photo 3


  1. You do have a pretty good view of the harbour! You work at the Opera house, right? Are you in a restaurant or do you do something else? Your boyfriend looks pretty happy with the shirt, it's cool that you got it made.

    1. I work at the bars & yes, he's always wanted that shirt :D

  2. That is quite a view, you tend to take it for granted when you see regularly. I took the beach for granted when I was living in Miami, now I oh so miss it...