Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's been a quiet week around these parts. Last couple of weeks of uni mean plenty of essays. I just can't get inspired to write essays anymore, my five years of uni are really starting to get to me. I handed in two essays today about a week late, thank goodness for the Arts faculty's lax late policies.
My sheep-like sensibilities have deigned that I will fall for the current neon trend that's permeating fashion at the moment, and fall hard. It's very unsettling to know that my taste is so obviously informed by mainstream trends. Also, tiny bottles of spirits - I'm starting a collection.
A lady in a Chinatown store frightened me into buying this necklace, but I'm glad she did because I love it. They remind me of scales (or feathers, but I prefer scales). & procrastination means rewatching the entire series of Daria. I am still adamant that Jane is Asian - maybe Eurasian. It's actually scary to think how quickly I got through it. Procrastination also means that my Pinterest account is being resurrected. I joined it a million years ago, but I never really got into it, probably because no one was on it back then. Follow me!

Sucre in Balmain does the greatest hot chocolate in the world. Well, hot chocolate is kind of misleading, because it's more like chocolate sauce. It's so thick it's undrinkable, but also amazing. Their cheesecake is pretty darn tasty (and pretty) too.

Hopefully after this last essay (does anyone happen to be an expert on the poetry of Frank O'Hara?), I'll come up with some blogging ideas. More likely I will sit at home and rewatch Buffy.


  1. Cool necklace! I like your collar in that picture too, it's pretty. Oh man, that hot chocolate looks/sounds aamzing...

    Good luck with the essay!

  2. I love the necklace, I have also been procrastinating watching Daria!

    xo Natasha

  3. i wish you the best in uni! 5 years is long time! hang in there.

    LOLL yeah the people in the shops in Chinatown are so persistent! i hope you were able to bargain and strike a deal with her! but either way, i love the necklace! it looks really unique and it looks great on you!

    good luck on your essay! people have been using pinterest but not enough people i know are signing up so until then~~~ :D

    alex @

    1. and btw i LOVEEEEEE the name of your blog! lol super creative!

    2. Haha, I didn't bargain. I'm not good at that kind of thing, plus the lady scared me.

  4. I am a rewatching queen. I am currently on Dawson's Creek.

  5. Here in Seoul so wanting that hot chocolate! Hope to see you at Sunday dinner on Skype x