Monday, June 4, 2012


one || Kris Atomic did this awesome post on camera apps for the iPhone. Just my luck that I would find this after switching to Android. I stand by my decision though, function over form!

two || I really want to make these white choc lemon truffles from Wit & Whistle blog. They sound and look amazing. 

three || Everything in the A Merry Mishap etsy store is covetable (and affordable), but I particularly like these gold-dipped black earrings. I love earrings but I can't wear dangly ones, because they don't suit my face shape. I stick to studs.
four || New favourite style blog - Gabifresh. She's been getting heaps of press lately for her "fatkini" posts. She's so body positive, beautiful and stylish.

five || These shoes by Ld Tuttle via Lambs Ear Shoes are way out of my price range, so I hope the neutral shoe with neon accent trickles down the fashion hierarchy to something more affordable.

THE LABEL by LD Tuttle

six || I'm really hungry right now, so it's probably not a good idea to be perusing food blogs. I like eat make read for their healthy mix of food and drink recipes. I love eggs and I love asparagus, so I think you can gauge my feelings about this recipe.

seven || Tattly temporary tattoos are so fun, I really want to buy some but I feel like I need an occassion for them. Tattly hacks are also a thing, a cool thing.


  1. The tatty hacks are awesome! I also really liked the link to Gabifresh... the article was so nice to read!

  2. Ugh - in LOVE with the earrings, shoes, and now temp tattoos! Must get all of them!

  3. Such cute shoes but definitely outrageously priced! Love your photos.