Monday, June 25, 2012


2012-06-24 15.36.27

I decided to paint my nails with little panda faces after seeing this on Pinterest. 
Here is a short, not-very-descriptive tutorial on how to do it.


2012-06-24 15.34.53

First, you need a white nail polish, a black nail art pen and top coat. 
If you can't find a nail art pen, you can just use black nail polish 
and any utensil with which you can transfer the polish to your nails!
I created the heads of the pandas in three steps. 
One middle stroke upwards, then dragging the polish on either side to make a rounded shape. 
I don't know if this diagram explains it, or if people even need this to be explained.

Here is a GIF I made to demonstrate the painting of the ears, eyes and nose. 
It is not very demonstrative. 
Is it pronounced "jiff" or "giff" (with a hard "G")? 
Because people always say "gif" but I'm pretty sure 
I read somewhere that the original creators of the file format pronounced it "jiff". 




  1. These nails are so adorable! I think I'd be so sad when they start to chip.
    I've always said "jiff", I think it sounds more right?

  2. how cuuuute! I've done this before but yours turned out much better :D cool blog you have!

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  4. THIS IS SO CUTE O_O I would be devestated if they would chip, then my pandas will die! (I'm a very... sensitive person haha :p)

    I've always said Gif, with a hard G. But now you're mentioning jiff, ehr... I really start to doubt... The Free Dictionairy ( says it's jiff. So I guess... problem solved?

  5. They are really cute! I don't think that I have steady enough hands to do it though.


  6. o.o i love pandas!! Such a cute idea to paint your nails with them :) lovely blog, i'm following. Check out mine and maybe follow each other? :)


  7. OMG this tutorial is so cute! I love pandas!! :) I wish I had steady hands, I don't think I could do this. I will need stencils!

  8. I love this! It's so cute and simple! Love it xoxo