Wednesday, May 30, 2012


2012-05-29 20.01.23

I got a new phone! The Samsung Galaxy Note, yes, it's GINORMOUS. When I was talking to a sales rep on the phone, he asked me why I wanted this device, and I was like "um, because it's huge?" He said that was fair enough, although I could tell he thought I was a weirdo. Anyway, it's very exciting because I am finally free of Apple's evil grip. I'm not the kind of person who constantly wants to get a new phone and with my iphone people were always surprised that I had such an "old" model - but it was less than 3 years old! I had my old Sony Ericsson brick for at least 5 years and it was still going strong until it was smashed with a hammer. I plan to keep this phone until it falls apart.

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Thank Cthulu, Instagram is Android compatible. The Vivid festival in on in Sydney now, which means pretty light projections and displays all over the city. I didn't even get to see the projections on the sails until my third night of work - this year is creative, but not as visually appealing as in previous years.

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Working at the Bennelong Bowlo bar besides Brigitta (tee hee alliteration). I dressed in my little old lady Chipster gear for the occasion. No, those glasses aren't prescription - YES, I'm one of those people. I actually require prescription glasses and I never wear them. That's why I'm such a road hazard.

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The Customs House is the star of Vivid this year, it's so awesome, with it's game-like animation. And these customised rickshaws are beautiful, I love seeing them floating through the Quay.

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Okay, I'm a marketing student and despite knowing all the evil tricks behind packaging and advertising I STILL FALL FOR IT. I bought this overpriced bottle of apple juice because a) "organic" and b) pretty, minimalist packaging. I'm such a sucker.

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Rob's dad makes the prettiest, tastiest food. I love his Hasselback potatoes and his meringue. 


  1. Wow that's one massive phone, haha. I really want a phone which I can use instagram with, but my current contract doesn't run out til the beginning of next year!

    I went to check out Vivid last night, it was awesome. I didn't really "get" the opera house one, but the one on Customs House is AWESOME!

    1. If a phone didn't support instagram it would seriously become a reason for me not to buy it!

      Yeah, the Opera House one is kind of boring. Which is sad cos last year was so colourful and photogenic.

  2. i went to vivid last night! a friend of mine was DJing between bands at the opera house so i went along. unfortunately by the time he was done most of the light displays were turned off, but i did go to the clock for almost an hour. are you working for the festival?

    1. Awesome, maybe I served you! I work the bars. The clock for an hour? I was there for 15 minutes and I thought that was a long time. I did have to sit on the floor though...