Monday, May 14, 2012



You might not be aware of this, fair reader, but there is a long-held blogger tradition of bragging. One might even suggest that the whole business of blogging is built on bragging. I mention this as a sort of disclaimer for this post, because I am about to gloat big time and y'all need to prepare yourselves for the approaching envy attack.

It was my birthday on Saturday and my mister surprised me with this picnic basket and rug set. I know, it's wonderful isn't it. Look at the belted plates! The twist clasp! The striped lining! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, so I demanded that we use my gifts immediately (I demanded a lot of things that day).


To wit: I demanded that we have brie with lunch. I fucking love brie. Why is it so delicious? What sorcery is this?

basket8 basket3 basket5 basket4

Rob knows me so well. He always gets me slightly unconventional gifts - like hoisery and books, and he always puts heaps of thought into them. This is seriously the most gorgeous picnic basket I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to some snuggly Autumn picnics in the coming months.

More birthday bragging to come in the next couple of days! xo

P.S. "Chipnic" - get it? God, I'm good.


  1. That is suuuuch a lovely present, wow, it's so pretty. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Guuurl you have the best explanation for a blog name ever.
    Chipster = Chinese Hipster had me in tears.
    That is seriously one gobsmackingly beautiful basket too :)

    x Stace

    PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

  3. Lovely blog you have! I follow :)

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  4. That's such a thoughtful gift. Brownie points x10! Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyy!

  5. you are too funny! glad i discovered your blog (FELLOW SYDNEY-SIDER?! hell yeah), i think I may go off and continue stalking your posts instead of studying for exams like the cool person I am.

    happy super belated birthday :)