Friday, May 18, 2012


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Hooray for birthdays! I'm twenty-two, and if I was the kind of person who made "things to do by twenty-two" lists, then I would be very depressed right now. Luckily I'm not, so I'm not! || I spent the night before having cocktails at The Baxter Inn, like a classy motherfucker. It's a funky little place, perfect for a chipster night out- a prohibition-era speakeasy style whiskey bar, and bartenders with moustaches -  MOUSTACHES (I'm not sure why their website is so ugly, it's probably ironic, too ironic for me to comprehend).

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More gifts from Rob, the most excellent boyfriend, a gentleman and a scholar.
These Coralie Bickford-Smith hardcovers are the loveliest and immediately after he gave me this set I started re-reading P&P, which I have read at least six times already (I read it aloud to Rob and he promptly fell asleep - hilarious). I know the old adage is never judge a book by its cover, but dammit I can't help it. The only reason I've never read The Road, for instance, is that I haven't been able to find a copy that has the cover artwork I want, they all have the movie tie-in cover. Don't get me started on movie tie-in book covers, why do publishers do this and why does Keira Knightley seem to appear in all the film adaptations of novels I want to read? I'm sick of seeing her face on book covers. 

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Brig's brought me back this souvenir from New York (*hair flick*), I like to imagine that Leslie Knope personally oversaw the production of this water bottle and proudly carries one of her own with her wherever she goes. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. || The beaded collar is from Rob's mum, who reads this blog (HI SALLY) and gave me a perfectly chipster gift. YES, my blog is finally getting me awesome free stuff. 

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Robbie setting up our birthday picnic. || My name on a bus on my birthday! Serendipitous. 

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Food porn! Dinner with Rob at Our Place. That honeycomb cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and lemon curd was so delicious. I am drooling right now thinking about it. 

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And dinner with my mum & brother at Twelve Spices. My mother, who is not normally supportive of my alcohol consumption, bought me a lychee mojito - there is something about lychee that makes it divinely cocktail-worthy. Anyway, she only bought it for me because I learnt to ask for booze in Chinese and she was consequently very proud of me (it wasn't even covered in my classes, I specifically looked up how to say it, so now I can say "my hobby is drinking alcohol" in Mandarin, which I am sure will be a very useful phrase to me, one day).

Happy birthmonth to me, xo Jess. 


  1. Sounds like you had the best day for your birthday (I would say the highlight looks like finding the Jess bus). Those books are sooo pretty, but I'm generally cheap so even though I like a good book cover, I will always go for the cheaper edition, haha.

  2. yummy food!
    I also love and am addicted to Instagram too :D