Friday, May 11, 2012


Currently, there is a very distinct "travel" theme in my room right now. I have accumulated a modest little collection of maps and travel-related decorative items. Secretly (or perhaps not so secretly), I hope that I don't get a job immediately after graduating so I can take some time off and travel the world. I never did do the whole gap year thing - I wanted to get through my five years of undergrad study as quickly as possible. But travelling is so important when you're young! Sometimes I feel a little sad knowing that I probably can't visit all the places I want to see in my lifetime.

This is a flight map Rob gave me of the Greater Sydney area (and beyond).



Rob also gave me this sketchbook a couple of years ago when I went on an overseas trip with my family.


This is my favourite map, it's a tea towel! When I bought it, it came with a spool of red thread and you are supposed to sew your travel path to indicate where you have been.



  1. I love globes and maps, travel is a way to escape. Why wouldn't you able to visit all the places you want to? Make a travel goal list, like a 5 year one.

  2. Your room sounds awesome, I love how maps/globes look. I didn't fancy taking a gap year either, because my degree is quite long as well, but I kind of want to now because people I know went to so many amazing places during theirs! I'm just going to content myself with cramming as much travel as I can into my holidays, because, like you said, I want to experience places when I'm still young.

  3. I love all of the maps! I didn't take a gap year but I have managed to travel almost every holidays during my degree and will really miss it when I am working full time.