Friday, May 25, 2012


Uni is getting a little hectic, work is about to get insane (Vivid Festival = 2am shifts at work), my camera is broken and my phone screen smashed. Everything is working against me, in terms of regular blogging. But blogging is so much fun! So I've decided to compile this post of random, girly things.

I finally decided to use the old masking tape trick for french tip-style nail polish. I have never been a regular old french manicure type of girl though. My nail polish collection is everything my wardrobe isn't - neon, colourful, and glittery. For these black and clear nails, I was inspired by Anna from D16 - who I absolutely ADORE. Her love of black, white and grey design, punctuated by little pops of neon is starting to rub off on me, as illustrated by the next two photos:
This colour actually looks a little more orange in real life, and a lot more neon and eye-catching. I painted them for work in the hope that some fashion forward customer will love them and tip me. I will also be wearing hipster plastic lens-ed glasses and a button-up, embroidered white collared shirt - with a scalloped collar - and then my Chipster work transformation will be complete!


I was super happy with my makeup this day so I took a quick (blurry!) instagram of it (I'm cuddling my puppy pillowpet!). I just bought some gel pot eyeliner and a red lip liner. The gel eyeliner is okay (it's the Maybelline one - I only ever buy supermarket makeup), but the lip liner is AMAH-ZING (it was like $10 from Priceline, I think it's Australis?). How have I lived this long without lip liner? It stays on so long and it's so much easier to apply than lipstick - I always colour outside the lines with lipstick. My earrings are neon yellow studs which are super cute and one of the only neon items I own - I think I need more!

Is everyone watching Mad Men? I don't really like Megan, but I am loving her costuming. She has the best outfits on the show. Also, you can not call yourself a real fan of Mad Men if you are not reading TLo's recaps (the style recaps are the shiznit).

Anyway, this is my favourite outfit she has worn on the show, from a couple of episodes ago. I would SO wear this right this second right now. LOOK AT THAT COAT (also, that apartment, I would die for a mid-century apartment with a sunken living area).


  1. I love the black tipped nails! I have the Maybelline gel eyeliner, but I'm too lazy for gel liner (like, washing the brush), so I switched back to using the scrolly crayon type eyeliner. Good luck with uni and those 2am shifts (yikes!).

  2. Those black/clear nails look absolutely brilliant. I might try that one time too!
    Good luck with all the work and uni and you broken camera :(, it sounds horrible!

  3. thanks to your link i just had a read of the recap of the latest episode of mad men! i didn't even know that other blog exists but i'll definitely be reading it from now on!

  4. your nails look great! the masking tape method never works for me though and i don't know why. xx