Monday, December 12, 2011


photo 4
Summer has yet to hit, so I've been making the most of the (hopefully) few cold days I have left by wearing all my collared shirts buttoned to the top.
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photo 4
Eating berry yoghurt at my desk at work, because I have nothing better to do, other than blog and eat. Also, I made quinoa for the first time and it is amazing and super delicious. I ate it with some veg, bocconcini and hot sauce, because I'm a gourmet chipster, bitches.
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photo 2(2)
The decorated buses during Christmas make me audibly squeal with delight. I want my room to look like this. I want the world to look like this. All the time.
photo 1(2)
I made a chevron-y friendship bracelet. For myself, because I am a lonely, friendless bastard.
photo 2
To combat loneliness, I watch Daria. Because that show is all hopefulness and happiness right? I'm convinced that Jane is Asian, despite her super white parents and siblings (and blue eyes?). She is my cartoon soul-mate and if my face was angular and severe enough, I would rock that hairdo so hard.


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