Monday, December 5, 2011


Fair warning - this is not much of a DIY. It involves absolutely no skill whatsoever, unless you count shopping as a skill (which, come to think of it, I do).
blogDIYbolo 003blogDIYbolo 002
Bolo ties have been touted at the next big thing for the young and the hip for a couple years now, so of course, as a chipster, I must jump straight onto the metaphorical bandwagon. However, living in Australia means that bolo ties aren't readily available in the nearest souvenir store, so I decided to DIY one.
blogDIYbolo 005
Luckily, I had this cow skull pendant lying around already, which makes the whole thing a bit easier, because it has ready-made holes through which to thread the leather. Other things you could use include any trinkets, corks, buttons, brooches, large beads or keyrings. Pendants are especially good because they usually have a little hole that you can thread your leather/string through.
blogDIYbolo 004blogDIYbolo 007
Through the pendant, I threaded a long piece of brown leather thonging, which I bought for a dollar from one of those random stall cart things in the middle of a shopping mall. Real bolo ties use leather rope, or you could use wool, or braided thread, or anything long and stringy. If there is nothing to thread through, you are going to have to use glue or tape to attach the string.
blogDIYbolo 008blogDIYbolo 009
At the ends, I tied on two grey beads, which I just had lying around the house.
blogDIYbolo 001
See, nothing to it.

If you want a more substantial bolo DIY (that requires actual skill), check out Honestly WTF's tutorial. That chick is a DIY queen.


  1. Oh my gosh! My aunt was looking for a bolo tie this past weekend. You would think they'd be easer to find in the Southwest. :)

  2. Helpful - THANK YOU!