Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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There's something wonderfully nostalgic about vintage Christmas advertisements. Especially Coke ads, which some might argue defined our modern visualisation of Christmas - the jolly Santa Claus, the red and white, the perfect little nuclear family. I know that there are people who absolutely hate the holiday season - particularly the commercialism, but that's my favourite part! I love Christmas shopping and the decorating and food. I love walking into a mall in early November and seeing all the Christmas lights up already.
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This book, Family Gathering, is one of my favourite Christmas reads. It was some random book I picked up at a Library sale years and years ago, but it never fails to cheer me up with sweet little short stories and poems.
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And Rookie has an awesome little playlist of Christmas tunes that I am a little bit in love with.
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They left out one of my faves though, minus the date rape allusions (okay fine, I find that part a little bit entertaining).


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