Thursday, December 15, 2011


Seriously, Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love it better than birthdays and anniversaries. I love it a million times more than New Years (I loathe New Years, it is a sad, sad time).

photo 4

I am becoming obsessive about the upcoming Christmas party my boyfriend and I are throwing. I have never hosted a proper party before. I think spent about 20 hours sourcing red and white paper straws (ended up getting them here). Just as many hours were occupied making red and white pom poms. And the other day, I purchased a pack of doilies, one of the most versatile of DIY materials.

photo 1
You can use little paper doilies as gift labels! They really help to cover up a shoddy wrapping job. Where do people learn to wrap gifts? My way of wrapping is to make 5 sides of the box look decent, but if you turn it over, a giant mess of scrunched paper and masking tape will be revealed.

photo 2
Or thread some wool/string through and use them to decorate your tree! I don't have a tree this year, so I've just hung my doilies around my room.

photo 3
Also, I bought this one big crocheted doily. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. Maybe it can be part of a table centerpiece?

I know my boyfriend bought me a camera for Christmas, so in two weeks I will be able to take pretty pictures for this blog, including pictures of the party! I haven't even started to plan what food I am going to serve, I've been too obsessed with making the event appropriately chipster.

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  1. I have absolute buttloads of crocheted doilies I've amassed from thrift stores. I like under *everthing*...alarm clocks, tv remotes, potted plants. It makes icky modern life so much more charming and granny-esque. Also, if you a acquire a superfluous amount, you can make this sweet thing:

    Also, I can't wait for party photos.