Tuesday, December 20, 2011


photo 3
My Christmas friends! Fox with his candy cane and Bear with her hat :)
photo 5
Just a painting of my boyfriend as Greek god Hermes. No big deal. His father's friend did this as a gift to the family. I want to have an Ancient Greek version of myself so badly.
photo 4
I just bought a nail art pen from Morning Glory. Still getting used to using it, but it's so much fun. I want ALL the colours!
photo (2)
Newest issue of frankie. I really, really should get a subscription, but there are always people on their facebook page complaining about not getting their issues on time, or receiving rain-damaged issues. All my frankies are kept in perfect mint condition, and I buy them the day they come out!

photo (3)
photo 1
I bought this clip-on bow for $1, it is the adorablest.
photo 2
You can sort of see me wearing it in this picture from my work Christmas party, where I appear to be throwing up ice. Yay!


  1. that painting is pretty awesome!!! wow!

  2. Love frankie mag! its cool that you have a good collection of them!

    <3 zoe