Friday, December 2, 2011


So, it is the second day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Not that you can tell here in Sydney, where it is currently 20 degrees celsius (worse with the wind chill). I love the cold, but I feel like it's about time I bust out the Summer gear. I decided to make a little Polyvore set of things I want for this season, and it appears that my propensity towards neutrals continues. Throughout Winter, I go days without wearing anything but black, forcing myself into whites and browns to avoid looking like a witch. You can imagine how irksome it is for me that colour blocking is the big new trend right now. Now, what I really want this Summer is a lightweight white tank dress, dip-dyed in black or maybe even blue or yellow, but I have no idea if this is trendy right now. It's kind of ironic that the only way I can afford the clothes I want is if they become extremely popular. But then after that, I can't wear them anymore, because I am a Chipster and I live outside the mainstream, yo.


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